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Our most recent episode features Stevie and Gloria Giorno. The two offer a first-person view into the ideological suppression that now dominates America’s higher education institutions. Gloria and Stevie discuss their firsthand experiences of the persecution that befalls those who dare to stand against the tide of wokeness.

As student body president at Belmont University, Stevie Giorno was shocked by the woke mob that tried to cancel him for merely posting a photo of himself celebrating the Fourth of July. The persecution and threats became so intense that Stevie needed security escorts between classes, an unprecedented measure for the backlash he faced for merely expressing patriotism.

The Giorno family’s background further compounds their narrative, with Gloria’s family having escaped the grips of communism in Yugoslavia. Their family history bestowed upon Gloria and Steven an appreciation for the freedoms they enjoy as Americans, along with mounting concern and defiance toward the forces that threaten it.

Inspired by the persecution Stevie faced, Gloria wrote a book documenting the entire experience called Outcast: How the Radical Left Tried to Destroy a Young Conservative. She also started the United Women Foundation, an organization geared towards supporting young conservative women who find themselves in similar situations as Stevie did.

In an era where the discourse is often dominated by a singular perspective, stories like that of the Giorno family are vital. They remind us of the importance of free speech and how critical it is to stand for what you believe.

You can buy Gloria Giorno’s book, Outcast, online here!

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June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus