Patriotism and the Pulpit: Balancing Faith and Freedom

STAND’s newest podcast episode, “Patriotism and the Pulpit: Balancing Faith and Freedom” is a critical examination of the intersection between walking in faith and living in the world’s culture. With Pastor Lucas Miles and country singer Natasha Owens guest starring this week, listeners are invited on a journey that confronts the rising ‘Woke Jesus’ narrative and the struggle of balancing faith and civic freedom.

With the renowned Pastor Lucas Miles, we discuss the concept of ‘Woke Jesus’, comparing it to historical heresies that have threatened to shake the foundations of Christianity throughout history. The danger, as Pastor Lucas points out, is not simply a matter of different theological interpretations, but a significant deviation from the core tenets of the Christian faith. 

Pastor Lucas posits that wokeism has attempted to strip Jesus Christ of His divinity and reframe His image to fit into a contemporary mold that aligns with current social justice movements. This redefinition, Pastor Lucas warns, could lead to a restructuring of the Christian faith, making it unrecognizable. This ‘woke Jesus’ movement is another form of the original sin Adam and Eve committed – people trying to shape God into their own image while forsaking their sacred relationship with Him. 

The conversation then transitions into the rights God has given people as we explore constitutional rights with country music artist Natasha Owens. Natasha’s song, The 2nd Protects the First, explores the complex relationship between gun rights, free speech, and personal responsibility. 

Owens’ music—infused with patriotic zeal and affirmation of Christian values—serves as a soundtrack for those who yearn for a sense of support and courage in tumultuous times. Her experience in both the Christian and country music scenes exemplifies resilience and the willingness to stand firm in one’s convictions, despite facing opposition.

In essence, this episode of STAND is not just a mere discussion; it is a call to action—a plea for believers and patriots to hold fast to their convictions and to navigate the complexities of modern ideologies with wisdom and steadfast faith. As society continues to change and present new challenges, guests like Pastor Lucas Miles and Natasha Owens provide the necessary tools and insights to engage with the world without losing sight of one’s spiritual anchor.

Pastor Lucas Miles book Woke Jesus is available at Natasha Owens music is available at

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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