Naomi Wolf: She Whispered in the Storm & Her Courage Became Contagious

In 2021, Dr. Naomi Wolf posted a tweet about an apparent effect the COVID shot was having on some women’s menstrual cycles. As a result, she was removed from all social media platforms, she lost her columns in newspapers and publications around the world, and major investors pulled their financing from her business. Close friends and colleagues ghosted her or turned against her. Yet, she continued to stand for truth and speak out. 

Our latest STAND podcast episode features a riveting dialogue with Wolf, the thought-provoking former Democrat journalist, a civil rights activist, the nation’s leading feminist, and a former advisor to Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama’s teams. 

This episode offers a deep dive into her latest book, Facing the Beast, an unfiltered exposition of her transformative journey over the last few years from a liberal journalist to a brave dissenter against government abuse and lies. The book is filled with data, footnotes, and heart-wrenching personal stories. Wolf shares vulnerably about the stand she has taken against the ever-present threat of totalitarianism (“regardless of political party”), as well as her perspective on the ‘beast within each of us’ that can succumb to government overreach during crises. 

We also discuss her jaw-dropping book chapter, “Conservatives, I Apologize,” in which she acknowledges the Left’s intentional efforts to unnecessarily divide the nation with blatant lies. She talks about how she fell for those lies for years.

Naomi’s experience of being de-platformed, ousted from her position as a prominent and globally respected liberal media figure, and rejected by people who were once her closest friends and allies is shocking and devastating. Where she once had an international platform and a megaphone, she now stood alone.

Yet she continued to whisper in the storm, and her courage became contagious.

Her journey illustrates her courage and commitment to the truth, a significant divergence from others in mainstream media who are complacent and complicit with “the beast.” 

Wolf goes even further during the interview to make fascinating observations about the recently released footage of the protestors at the Capitol on January 6th. Her perspective, as someone who was an advisor to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is fascinating and unique. She also is indignant about the withholding of the footage for nearly 3 years – regardless of what it showed, that footage belongs to the People because the Capitol is the People’s House.

The discussion takes a reflective turn towards unity in America, censorship, and the heavy influence of big government on social media platforms. As we navigate through these complex issues, we underline the importance of accountability, the power of upholding truth, and the strength it takes to do both. 

After listening to Wolf’s interview, an Alaska Native leader from the Bristol Bay region commented:

This last [show] with Naomi was compelling when she said, “When will you take a stand? When you’re in front of a firing line? Or now…” 

Overall, Wolf’s interview was brutally honest, inspirational, and thought-provoking as it compels self-reflection and invites grassroots Americans across the political spectrum to find common ground.

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus