Inside Trump’s Trial

The political landscape of America is ever-evolving, but few figures have consistently stirred as much intrigue and debate as former President Donald Trump. Our latest episode of STAND features former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who worked on Trump’s defense during his first impeachment trial. Bondi offers an intimate look into the trials and character of Trump’s presidency. The episode explores the legal challenges that the Trump administration faced, the inside story of the impeachment trial, and the ongoing political battles that continue to define our nation’s political dialogue.

Bondi’s perspective as part of Trump’s impeachment defense team provides a unique vantage point on the events that have captivated and divided the American public. As the discussion unfolds, Bondi explains the real story behind Trump’s actions, bringing to light revelations that reshape our understanding of his presidency, impeachment trial, and the media firestorm surrounding him.

One recurring topic throughout the episode is the exploration of Trump’s character, which has often been eclipsed by his larger-than-life public persona. Bondi, Niki, and I reveal Trump’s compassion and dedication to the nation, using personal anecdotes that paint the 45th president in a very different light than the mainstream media. 

As the discussion moves forward, we pivot to the current political climate, analyzing the 2022 election results and strategizing for the upcoming 2024 elections. We spend time reflecting on expanding the Republican base by including Independents and former Democrats drawn to the Make America Great Again movement.

Throughout this week’s episode, we blend legal analysis, personal reflections, and political strategy. It’s a conversation that will compel listeners to reflect on the state of their nation and their role in its destiny. Give our interview with Pam Bondi a listen now!

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June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus