Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Influence Politics: Alex Bruesewitz on STAND

Most recently, we had Alex Bruesewitz on STAND, a powerful social media influencer and political strategist who discusses the importance of mentorship and standing firm in one’s beliefs. Throughout the conversation, Alex shares his personal journey, the impact of mentorship, and the power of social media in shaping politics. 

Standing firm in one’s beliefs and principles is difficult. Bruesewitz shares his personal experience, including:

  • Facing backlash and persecution for advocating for election integrity
  • Refusing to be intimidated by the J6 Committee and the media 
  • Standing firm is crucial in the face of adversity to make a difference

Alex emphasizes the role of mentorship in his journey and its importance in peoples’ lives. He credits the positive mentorship of his single mother  for:

  • Becoming a social media influencer and political strategist 
  • Uplifting and empowering others
  • Successfully mentoring individuals such as Annapolina Luna 

Bruesewitz also discusses the significant role of social media in shaping politics and influencing public opinion. Including insight on:

  • Importance of platforms like Twitter in reaching a broader audience and spreading political messages. 
  • Referencing his book, Winning the Social Media War, to provide principles and practices for effectively using social media to positively influence our culture 
  • Describing the results conservatives will have in the cultural world by successfully harnessing the power of social media


Q: How can mentorship make a difference in someone’s life?

A: Mentorship provides guidance, support, and empowerment, helping individuals reach their full potential and make a positive impact on their communities.


Q: What is the role of social media in shaping politics?

A: Social media platforms like Twitter have become powerful tools for spreading political messages, influencing public opinion, and reaching a broader audience.


Q: Why is standing firm in one’s beliefs important?

A: Standing firm demonstrates courage, resilience, and a commitment to principles. It allows individuals to make a difference, protect values, and shape the future.


To gain more insights and watch the full interview with Alex Bruesewitz, visit [https://youtu.be/nxQJubGYrCY].


June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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