Harmeet Dhillon’s Stand

In our newest episode, we were graced with the presence of Harmeet Dhillon, a legal warrior for civil liberties. Dhillon’s story is fueled by the desire to fill the legal void found in civil liberties work and the dream to provide a platform for legal professionals to easily engage in civil rights causes.

Her path diverges from the typical funneling of law students into corporate law, instead choosing to commit to fighting for civil rights. We covered her work in Andy Ngo’s stand against Antifa and the pivotal efforts of the Center for American Liberty in defending religious freedoms amid the COVID crisis. 

We also discussed Dhillon’s journey on a more personal level. Dhillon reflected on her identity as an Indian-American woman and its interplay with her career. She also talked about the stratified nature of legal professions and the cultural shocks that come with transitioning to different environments, like the Ivy League campus. 

Strategizing for the future, Dhillon shared her vision for invigorating the Republican National Committee with innovative leadership and approaches. She emphasized the need for enhanced messaging and grassroots engagement, highlighting the importance of transcending the D.C. echo chamber to genuinely connect with the electorate. 

As we delve into the stories and strategies shared by Harmeet Dhillon, we are reminded of the relentless pursuit of integrity that defines the American spirit. The discussion transcends the boundaries of law and politics, inviting listeners to join the vanguard of those who stand unwaveringly for the civil rights and liberties upon which our nation was founded. 

Learn more about Dhillon’s work for civil rights and liberties and contribute to the cause at www.libertycenter.org!

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June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus