Government Interference in Media: Mike Matthys on STAND

This week on STAND, we are joined by Mike Matthys, a Stanford alumnus and Silicon Valley expert, to tackle the ever-evolving challenge of protecting free speech in our digital world and artificial intelligence (AI) environment. Matthys discusses his experiences in Silicon Valley, the connection between AI and the First Amendment, and how the growth of AI technology has enabled government overreach. 

Drawing on his telecom insights and experiences with global censorship, Matthys helps unpack the work of the Institute for a Better Internet and brings to light the alarming trends of government interference in media. 

Our discussion dives into the stark figures from a recent survey, revealing the public’s strong disapproval of government meddling in free speech. The data emphasizes that the battle for free speech transcends political lines, reminding us that it’s a vital right for everyone to uphold.

We also explore the role of significant political events, like Brexit and the 2016 US election, in eroding confidence in media and official narratives, highlighting the necessity for a nuanced approach to handling information online.

We end with critically examining the potential and pitfalls of AI in the context of censorship and discuss the promise of the Online Media Regulatory Authority (OMRA) as a solution to preserve online freedom of speech.

Matthys shares his insights on the importance of safety, transparency, neutrality, and accountability in the age of information manipulation, and we ponder the partisan divide on censorship awareness. 

Join us this week for a fascinating discussion about the dangers of AI, the First Amendment, and limiting the government as intended by the Founding Fathers!

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June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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