Discovering Economic Freedom with Pirate Money: Kevin Freeman on STAND

In a recent episode of STAND, Kevin Freeman, host of Economic War Room, joins us as he discusses the Great Reset. The Great Reset is an economic restructuring initiative that stirs debate on the future of financial sovereignty and personal liberty. 

Freeman first explains the Great Reset, a progressive agenda promoted publicly by elitists in the United States and the Chinese Communist Party in the World Economic Forum. The Great Reset would grant extreme economic control to the elites by using a central bank digital currency. 

With central control, elitists will be able to control the flow of your money. Your money could be randomly transferred to someone else. You could be blocked from buying certain foods or products if the elitists do not support them, like:

  • Limit your cups of coffee per day
  • Limit how much gasoline you purchase
  • Stop you from buying burgers or soda

Freeman then tells of the safeguards the Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution; mainly, the idea of state-level gold-backed currency systems. His insights provide a compelling narrative that challenges listeners to critically evaluate the status quo and consider the broader implications of current economic policies and trends. Kevin Freeman is hard at work finding a bipartisan solution to the elitist problem. Listen to more of his insights at, and be sure to buy his book, Pirate Money, which is available on Amazon. Be sure to watch the full interview on YouTube at

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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