Beyond Politics to Post-Partisan Solutions with Seneca Scott

In a time when America is facing unprecedented challenges and political division, there are individuals who are emerging as thought leaders and catalysts for effective change. Seneca Scott is one of those leaders, and his recent interview on STAND offered thought-provoking insight into his work, activism, and leadership. 

Seneca Scott is a cousin of the late Coretta Scott King, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife. Following his family’s legacy of service, Seneca is a former candidate for Mayor of Oakland, CA; the founder of a non-profit called Neighbors Together Oakland; a member of NAACP Oakland; and a successful community organizer. Stripping away the veneer of his notable family lineage, Seneca shares his vision for post-partisan leadership where politicians pursue policies that result in thriving neighborhoods and empowered citizens, regardless of which party promotes them.  

Seneca describes himself as a “post-partisan solutionary,” and he discusses how progressive policies have contributed to rising crime and homelessness. In contrast, he shares post-partisan solutions for addressing these issues, as well as moving past fear-based “victim mentalities” to becoming courageous and empowered. 

Seneca walks us through his transformation from a union leader to a grassroots organizer in Oakland. In a compelling way, he highlights the urgent need for local communities to be revitalized through engaged citizenship. He believes progress isn’t just a political talking point espoused by politicians, but it’s how local residents choose to live and engage in their respective neighborhoods and communities. 

This discussion rises above politics, tackling the controversial issues of police funding, public safety, and homelessness. Seneca’s experiences as both a community advocate and candidate for Mayor provide a rare, dual perspective on the trials and tribulations of Oakland’s community. 

Seneca’s commitment to local solutions is evident in his thoughtful deconstruction of America’s current two-party system. He urges a move towards a post-partisan society, where integrity and results take priority over political affiliation. His insights underscore the importance of fostering community problem-solving and engaging citizens in the local governance process.

Rounding off our conversation, we spotlight Seneca’s Neighbors Together Oakland initiative, working towards hope and unity in a time of division and unrest. This initiative is built on what Seneca Scott calls the ‘four pillars’ of societal wellbeing—safety, local food systems, accessible housing, and thriving local businesses. Join us as we not only confront difficult issues, but also invite individuals to become part of the solution for more revitalized, cohesive communities.

Seneca Scott has been interviewed by various members of the media, including Tucker Carlson and Megyn Kelly.  If you’re looking for inspiration from an effective community change agent, you won’t want to miss this episode!


June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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