Battle for the House: Nick Begich

In the latest episode of STAND, we dive into Alaska’s political landscape with Nick Begich, a candidate for the US House in Alaska. This episode is packed with insights into conservative values, the America First agenda, and the intricacies of Alaska’s congressional race. Begich shares his compelling vision for the state, rooted in Republican principles. He also discusses his wariness about the radical shifts within the Democratic Party and the need to protect individual rights and support the private sector.

One of the key discussion points in this episode revolves around the importance of upholding conservative values. Begich emphasizes the need for a constitutional republic, limited government, and the preservation of individual rights as granted by God. He voices concerns about the radical left’s influence on the Democratic Party and the necessity for conservatives to steadfastly uphold timeless values, protect families, and support the private sector. 

The complexities surrounding Mary Peltola’s inconsistent stance on resource development in Alaska are also discussed. Begich explores her fluctuating positions, highlighting how her political maneuvering undermines Alaska’s interests and sends mixed signals. Despite running a pro-resource development campaign, her actions, such as voting “present” on bills critical to the prosperity of Alaska and urging Democrats to oppose them, reveal a lack of Alaska-First values on her part. 

Begich expresses concerns about Peltola’s ties to lobbyists and how these connections might influence her legislative priorities. There is also a discussion about her staffing choices, the high turnover rate in her office, and her voting alignment with prominent Democratic figures.

Finally, Begich’s insights on his path to victory in the congressional race, particularly within Alaska’s ranked choice voting system, are a crucial part of the discussion. Begich addresses the challenges and criticisms of ranked choice voting, advocating for its repeal while detailing his campaign’s plan for a Republican victory. He highlights his significant support and funding from national conservative groups and the importance of reclaiming Alaska’s seat as a red one. Additionally, he discusses his plans to unite Republican voters, including those loyal to his former opponent, Sarah Palin, to secure a win against the Democrat incumbent, Mary Peltola. 

Check out the episode to hear more about Begich’s race!

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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