The Battle for Alaska’s Sole House Seat: Nick Begich on House Candidacy

Can Alaska’s future depend on upholding conservative values? Join us on Stand as we welcome Nick Begich, a candidate for the US House in Alaska, who offers a compelling vision rooted in limited government and constitutional principles. Nick shares his concern about the radical shifts within the Democratic Party and argues for the need to protect individual rights and support the private sector. Hear how the America First agenda and Donald Trump’s message continue to resonate with voters eager to see less political intrusion in their lives.

Nick Begich’s journey from his upbringing in Florida to becoming an “America first” advocate in Alaska is nothing short of fascinating. Raised by conservative grandparents, he returned to Alaska to champion small government and American priorities. We’ll uncover the complexities of resource development in the state, particularly Mary Peltola’s inconsistent stance, and why Nick believes a clear and unwavering voice is essential for Alaska’s interests in Washington, D.C.

The race for Alaska’s congressional seat is heating up, and Nick Begich is ready to challenge the status quo. With insights into uniting Republican voters and navigating the ranked choice voting system, Nick shares his strategy for reclaiming Alaska as a deep red state. Discover his commitment to the America First agenda, his support for Donald Trump, and the broader implications for both the state and the nation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone invested in Alaska’s political landscape and future development.


Show Transcript

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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