From Operating Room to Oval Office: Dr. Ben Carson’s Journey on STAND

As we lift the curtain on this episode, we are privileged to be in the company of the remarkable Dr. Ben Carson. His journey from a humble beginning to the peak of the medical world as a pioneering neurosurgeon is nothing short of inspiring. He enlightens us on his newest venture, American Cornerstone Institute (ACI) and its dedication to offering conservative solutions to challenges facing our nation.

In our conversation with Dr. Carson, we explore the fine line between education and indoctrination. How do we encourage independent thinking in our children? How do we address the rising wave of Marxist education? This is a compelling discussion that leads us to Dr. Carson’s “inoculation for indoctrination.”

We plunge into the political atmosphere within the black community and the potential apprehensions black conservatives might encounter when voicing their opinions. Dr. Carson unveils the potential of conservative policies in aiding the community and emphasizes the need to build on America’s success and understand the full and true nature of America’s history. He leaves us in awe as he stresses the power of faith, the importance of utilizing our brain’s full potential, and the realization of how much more progress is yet to be made.

Dr. Carson also gives wisdom on how to deal with insults and offenses, offers solutions for fixing education, and discusses the one thing some people think is “worse than Satan.” This episode is a reminder of the freedom to think, to ask, to bridge differences, and to strive for a deeper understanding.


Show Transcript

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

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