#28: Molly Blakeley

When Molly Blakely whipped up her first batch of cookies with a mere $150, little did she know that the sweet scent of success would waft far beyond her kitchen, reaching as far as the star-studded ceremonies of the Emmy’s and Grammy’s. In our heartfelt chat, Molly, the powerhouse behind Molly B’z Cookies, dishes out chunks of wisdom that are as rich and satisfying as her confections. She takes us through the steps of transforming passion into a thriving business empire, stressing the importance of a solid proof of concept, the need for genuine feedback, and the unyielding spirit required to bake your dreams into reality.

But Molly’s recipe for success includes an essential and often overlooked ingredient: faith. In a market where compromising values for profit can be the norm, Molly stands firm, even if it means turning down a lucrative TV spot that doesn’t align with her beliefs. She shares how her faith is the bedrock of her decision-making process, allowing her to navigate the tightrope of business ethics with grace, and how it’s possible to maintain product integrity amidst the pressures of scaling up.

Join us this week for an inspirational story about a woman whose story is a testament to the American Dream.

You can buy Molly’s cookies at mollybz.com


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June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

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