#27: Chris Rhodes

Discover the groundbreaking way to align your shopping habits with your deepest values as I bring my son Josiah and our compelling guest Chris Rhodes into the fold. Chris unveils his innovative app, Veebs, lighting the path for consumers to make informed choices that resonate with their political and social beliefs. Together, we dive into the heart of financial freedom and explore how this tech marvel could alter the landscape of consumerism, transforming every scan of a barcode into a statement of principle.

In our riveting exchange with Chris, we highlight the journey of Veebs in the face of an ever-shifting corporate America. By presenting a variety of value packs, from conservative to liberal ideologies, we show how this neutral platform is paving the way for true consumer empowerment. Hear how our discussion ventures beyond the app itself, tackling broader societal trends and the ESG movement, and how you, too, can wield your treasure, time, and talent to influence corporate decisions and champion causes like ‘America First’ or veteran-focused initiatives.

As we wrap up the episode, we reflect on the collective power we hold and the stories of heroism that inspire us to take a stand. We encourage you to invest in what you believe in and to use tools at your disposal, like Google Calendar, for effective time management. Listen in as Kelly, Josiah, and our pioneering guest, Chris Rhodes, energize you to make your mark in both the marketplace and life.


Show Transcript

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus