#19: Harmeet Dhillon

When Harmeet Dhillon pivoted from a lauded legal career to championing the cause at the Center for American Liberty, she began a journey of profound advocacy. This episode offers a rare window into her efforts, and the powerful, often untold stories of civil rights battles. With a mix of nostalgia and resolve, Niki and I recount our days at Harvard Law School, where we veered off the high-salary corporate path in pursuit of something more. Join us as Dhillon delves into the origins of her nonprofit, filling a crucial gap in secular civil liberties work, and providing a haven for legal professionals to make impactful contributions to civil rights causes.

The legal arena can be as treacherous as it is transformative, and this episode delves into the gritty details of high-stakes battles for justice and election integrity. From the intense courtroom saga of journalist Andy Noe’s stand against Antifa, to the Center for American Liberty’s pivotal efforts in safeguarding religious freedoms during the COVID crisis, we leave no stone unturned. Dhillon and I, both navigating our unique identities as Indian American women in law and politics, share our reflections on the influence of family, culture, and the pursuit of equal representation in these spheres.

Strategy and engagement are front and center as Dhillon shares her vision for revitalizing the Republican National Committee with fresh leadership and innovative approaches. Our discussion emphasizes the importance of moving beyond the D.C. echo chamber to connect with the grassroots and reshape party dynamics. The show culminates with a clarion call for civic engagement, impressing upon our listeners the necessity of active participation over passive advocacy, to ensure the integrity of our elections and the representation of our nation’s core values. Don’t forget to subscribe and join us next week as we continue to stand firm for the principles we believe in, alongside advocates Kelly and Niki Tshibaka, in an episode brimming with determination and heart.


Show Transcript

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus