Our latest podcast episode features a riveting dialogue with the thought-provoking Democrat journalist, civil rights activist, and consultant, Naomi Wolf. This episode offers a deep dive into her latest book, “Facing the Beast,” an unfiltered exposition of her transformative journey over the last few years.

Naomi takes us through a brutally honest exploration of America’s current historical crossroads, a palpable tension between good and evil, and her own metamorphosis from liberal media spokesperson to a brave dissenter against government abuse and liberal lies.

The episode broadens into a discussion about the ever-present threat of totalitarianism and the crucial need for Americans to STAND against it. Naomi shares her perspective on the ‘beast within us,’ that can succumb to government overreach during crises, drawing from her book. We discuss her mouth-dropping book chapter, “Conservatives, I Apologize,” in which she acknowledges the left’s intentional efforts to unnecessarily divide the nation in with blatant lies.

Naomi’s experience of being de-platformed and ousted from her position as a liberal media spokesperson for asking questions and seeking truth is particularly striking. She details questions she has asked about COVID and the January 6 protestors that have contributed to the global liberal elite de-platforming her. Her journey demonstrates her courage and commitment to the truth, a significant departure from the complacency often seen in mainstream media and society.

The discussion takes a reflective turn towards the spiritual battle, unity in America, censorship, and the influence of the White House on social media platforms. As we navigate through these complex issues, we underline the importance of accountability, and the power of upholding truth. Spiritual resilience is key in our battle for freedom and government by the people.

The conversation ends on a heartwarming and personal note as we discuss our cherished Christmas traditions and the joy of serving others. As we head towards Christmas and the holidays, we reflect on the importance of unity, especially during challenging times. 

Overall, this episode provides a fascinating exploration of concepts like truth, freedom, and government by the people, and how we can take a STAND for them today. It’s an eye-opening journey through the current state of society and the importance of self-reflection and open-mindedness. 

Naomi’s courage reminds us that standing up for what is right is more important than ever, as we navigate through complex issues in America today. This episode is not just a deep dive into Naomi Wolf’s transformation, but also a call for collective action and courage in safeguarding the principles of democracy. It emphasizes the importance of intellectual honesty, critical thinking, and the need for us to challenge our preconceived notions and prejudices. 

June 27, 2024 @ 7:30pm

The Fight for Freedom in America and Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz

Trump's Impeachment Attorney
Harvard Law Professor, Emeritus